Franchise based Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Idea!

Your Very Own D&D Business?!

So, I’ve been dabbling in the idea of using WOTC’s Acquisitions Incorporated book (I’ve included a link to the official WOTC website if you’re interested in purchasing it!) to start off a new campaign with a new and exciting addition to the story: Franchises. I’ll include a sample of my new campaign idea a little later on here, but for now I want to explain what’s going on with these franchises.

Franchises Make Gameplay Better

In all reality, Acquisitions Incorporated doesn’t make your gameplay too busy, or overwhelm your players. I’ve found that it’s much less for a foreground aspect of the campaign. Acquisitions Incorporated’s franchise addition gives your players something interesting to do in down-time. I’ve found that this makes games much less boring, as you always have something to do, rather than sitting around waiting for something to happen, and it definitely keeps you from the perpetual boredom of planning out wave after wave of unexpected filler encounters! (Those definitely get old, believe me.)

Franchise Creation

Acquisitions Incorporated gives you the freedom to create your franchise’s name, logo, connections regarding business, even your very own headquarters with its own little special quirks. As with any Dungeons & Dragons book, you are provided with tables that allow you to simply roll a die and have your franchise randomized, but there are so many more possibilities. By no means do you ever have to just follow the tables! Dungeons & Dragons is a game of imagination and creativity! Put your creative mind to work and come up with your own aspects of your franchise, or even let your players do it!

Tables included regarding your franchise’s creation are:

  • Franchise Logos or Livery
  • Headquarters Locations
  • Headquarters Quirks
  • Memorable Majordomos
  • Reliable Connections

A great way to keep track of your headquarters and what’s going on with it’s looks and production is this awesome game mat I found!

Battle Grid Game Mat

Grow your Franchise

Yep, you read that right. You can progress and grow your business! Just like in real life, you start a business and expect it to grow and prosper. Why wouldn’t that be your goal in-game too? Your franchise can actually level up and gain ranks starting at level 1. When your average party level reaches level 5, there’s another franchise rank, and then you gain another at level 11 and 17, maxing out at rank 4.

You start out in a small area, conducting business and gaining valuable clientele, but what’s keeping you from putting up new stores and a wider range of locations? Absolutely nothing.

At rank 1, you have your starter headquarters, which is always a bit of fixer-upper! You are only licensed to conduct business in your settlement, but as you rank up your franchise, you unlock unlimited possibilities, even stretching out to completely separate planes of existence!

You can hire hirelings to provide general labor for your franchise, making day to day business tasks quite a bit easier, and even develop your own crew of hirelings to handle specific tasks while you are away on your adventures with your party.


Upon reaching Rank 2 with your franchise, you even gain a method of transportation, which could be anything you could dream of! In the book, some examples given are a 100-ft giant stone statue that actually walks your around inside of it, a battle balloon, a self-contained train, and an extradimensional wagon. Though, of course, you are not limited to only these options. Once again, I encourage you and your party to use your imagination and find the best way for you to move from location to location!


Upon reaching rank 2, you also are able to add weapons to your headquarters as well, because everyone needs to have some sort of security for their valuable business! Your weapons are typically siege weapons used by your crew to take down larger targets. Some exampled used that can be found in the Dungeon Master’s Guide are:

  • Giant Statue’s Fists
  • Giant Fist
  • Lighthouse Energy Blast

Other Features

Over the course your your time at your new franchise, you gain unique magical abilities, defensive features, even some secret features! And I know nobody really likes to talk about this one, but your franchise will have certain costs as well. You can’t very well hire a staff and refuse to pay them, can you? The great thing, though, is that you can pay all of these costs by conducting business as usual. But don’t forget, your franchise is a joint effort! Everyone working together to make the ideal franchise will most definitely make for success.

Company Positions

  • Cartographer
  • Decisionist
  • Documancer
  • Hoardsperson
  • Loremonger
  • Obviator
  • Occultant
  • Secretarian

New Campaign Ideas

Now that I’ve made my way through the very basics of Acquisitions Incorporated and franchises, let’s get on with it. Here is the baseline for an idea I’ve been working on for a new campaign!

It’s not everyday that a very skilled high-end franchise employee like yourselves get terminated over a seemingly ridiculous error, yet here you are. You find yourselves drowning your sorrows at a local tavern, The Drowsy Druid. You realize after hours of drinking that everybody had left the tavern, with the exception of a small handful of others.

A confident-looking Tiefling raises his head from his now-empty tankard and rises from his seat at the bar. He turns to look at each of you individually before stumbling across the room to the door. He then turns to face the tables you are sitting at and speaks up.

“The name’s Mordai Deth, as most of you should already know. One of the many perks of coming from a noble bloodline, of course.”

You ignore the cocky tiefling and carry about your wallowing in self-pity until you hear the next slurred words escape Mordai’s lips.

“Now, down to business, I’d hate to waste any more of your time. I’ve put a great deal of time and effort into doing research to find the very best for this job. It wasn’t by choice that you were all fired earlier on today, and it cost me a tremendous amount to ensure that I could have you. You see, your talents were being wasted by your previous employers. Each and every one of you is the absolute best in your field of expertise. I expect I will not be disappointed.”

Mordai awaited the inevitable irritation along with the frustrated drunken responses and began speaking again, drowning out the groan and yells from The Drowsy Druid’s customers.

“I have recently started my own business, you see, and it’s come quite far in such a short time, but it’s still missing something crucial: Employees. I could go on working by myself and doing all the work, but what’s the fun in that? What do you all say?”

As always, feel free to take from my ideas, even drop some new ideas in the comments, and make sure to drop a like! I look forward to hearing some feedback and reporting back with my new campaign progress!