My list of services for hire range from simple character creation, DMing courses, and even written campaigns for you to use for your own game! Email me at jordankenzie@kenziesthoughts.blog for more info!

Content Creation


Get in touch with me regarding what sort of character you’re interested in playing, and let me do all the work for you!

With this package, you will have a bundle of (5) unique Non-Playing Characters delivered to you to help spice up your campaign! NPC’s can be made custom if requested!


With this package, you will receive a bundle of (10) unique Non-Playing Characters to help move along the story of your campaign. NPC’s can be made custom if requested!

Digital Character Image
This is a custom, full-color unique image of your character, tailored specifically to your self-made or commissioned character to give your table-mates an idea of who they are playing with!

Custom/Randomized Franchise
If you know anything about the “Acquisitions Incorporated” D&D book, you know that franchises are a super interesting new aspect to your campaign! I will create a franchise for you, all the way down to each and every employees duties, tasks for your players to work on together in between questing, and your franchise’s headquarters!

Dungeon Maps
A pack of 3-5 unique dungeon maps, complete with traps, encounters, and more! Each map with be unique to your campaign, as they are made per request!

Colossal Commissions

Campaign Creation
This is an entire campaign, written out for you to follow, including custom encounters, loads of NPC’s, dungeons, taverns, and more!

World Map
A map of the world you and your adventurers will be exploring!

Individual Quests
Ran out of ideas to move your campaign farther? This might help! This package includes (1) unique side quest for your characters to embark on!

Anything not listed can be requested through my email, jordankenzie@kenziesthoughts.blog.