About Me

Jordan McKenzie

Experienced Writer, and Gamer


Jordan has always been interested in writing, and even more so in gaming. This blog is her favorite way to express her passions through her literature. From Tabletop gaming to PC and Xbox One gaming, she has tons of experience, with over 1,000 hours into some games, even.

Now to touch on the “Tabletop Gaming” category. Jordan is a seasoned Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, and will be posting campaign episodes, guides, and more as well as tips and tricks to get your started playing Dungeons & Dragons, or even DMing your first campaign!

Jordan loves to write fantasy short stories and book for fun. Her favorite genre’s include paranormal romance, medieval fantasy, and much more. She is more than willing, and would actually love to write stories per request!


Jordan is always available for requests. If you want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out!