Naked and Afraid: Prehistoric Edition

A Detailed [GUIDE] For Your First Couple Days on The Island

Well would you look at that, You’ve woken up with nothing but your fists to keep you alive in a world full of dinosaurs. Lucky, right? You got this. In this guide, I’ll walk you through your first few in-game days on Ark: Survival Evolved, and make sure you have the necessary information to not get poisoned, drowned, eaten, too hot or cold, hungry, thirst or tired, and be able to get yourself some decent headway into the game.

The absolute first thing you need to do is to collect resources to craft tools. There are a few basic resources you’ll need to worry about right away.

  • Fiber
  • Thatch
  • Wood
  • Flint
  • Stone

To get these, you’ll have to do some grunt work, but it will pay off, I promise. Now get out there and punch some trees! Yep, you heard me right. Punch them. How else are you expected to collect resources without tools. Now, as you punch said trees, it will do damage to you, so you do it too much, and make sure to watch your health bar on the lower right hand of the screen so you know when to stop. Make sure you collect at least 1 wood and 10 thatch.

Now onto the easy part, walk around and collect a stone or two off the ground, and then go find a bush to collect fiber from. These are the easiest beginner resources to get. Now, put a level into something, and go claim your stone pick and stone axe blueprints. Craft the pick right away with the resources you’ve collected, and put it in your hot bar so you can access it easily.

Once you have your stone pick equipped, go hit some trees again, and get yourself another 10 thatch and 1 wood. Now, go up to one of those big stones that are clearly too damn big to just pick up and put in your pocket, and smack it with the pick a few times. TA-DA! You’ve got flint! Now go craft yourself a stone hatchet to help with the collection process further.

Each tool is good for collecting certain resource types.

Stone Pick – Flint, Thatch, Raw Meat

Stone Hatchet – Stone, Wood, Hide

Make sure you keep that in mind while you’re wandering around trying to find crafting materials.

Now onto another key element of your beginner days in Ark, your armor. This is going to require a lot of fiber, which as we talked about earlier, is super simple to get, so get on with collecting all the fiber you can from bushes and craft yourself a set of cloth pants, a cloth shirt, and a cloth hat. These should cost 100 fiber all together. Make sure you equip the armor in the “You” section of your menu when you’re finished.

Armor is an absolute necessity. Not only will it *slightly* protect you from vicious dinosaurs, it will protect you from the elements as well. Believe me when I say that it gets really cold at night in ark. You definitely wouldn’t want to be caught on your first night wandering around naked.

Leveling is pretty easy, you select the little + button in our menu under whichever attribute you want to increase. Don’t be foolish and put all your levels into one or two attributes, you only get an allotted amount of levels, so use them wisely! And don’t forget to spend your engram points to unlock more blueprints either. Those are just as important.

With your next few levels you should be unlocking a campfire to cook meat on, a spear for hunting, a waterskin to keep you hydrated when you’re away from water and some cloth gloves and boots.

Now that you’ve got your tools and armor situated, make yourself a spear and go out to find some weak Dodos to kill for hide and some food to cook and eat!

Go see my hunting guide for more!

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